CRS#006 - Create & Deploy new ATG Module on local from scratch - Part II

After creation of the new, blank ATG module, we will create a custom component to test this module.

3. Create a new Component

We have already discussed the steps for creating a new module in ART#104 & ART#105, but we will revisit them here. If you have a slight idea on components, you can proceed with this article. If you have no clue on this, you can go on and read ART#104 HERE.

a. Create a new class "MyFirstClass" in the src folder under the package "com.test". Create two properties viz. age and name with their setter-getters. See below screenshot.

b. Next, in the config folder, create a folder "com". Inside this folder, create another folder "components". Inside this folder, create a new file "". Set the class, and values of the properties: age and name. See below screenshot.

c. Next, inside the config folder, create a new file "". Add this component to initialServices. If you have no idea what this file does, you can refer to more details in ART#105 HERE.

Now, you have configured eclipse, created a blank ATG module, created a new component and added it to initialServices, so that it can be initialized at startup.

Next, we will assemble this application on top of CRS and deploy it.

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