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This article will guide you through various issues, hacks, tips and tricks for ATG Application.

HLP#001- dyn/admin classpath issue.
  • Unable to open dyn/admin pages due to classpath issue. Resolve this issue in simple steps. FIX NOW !
  • HLP#002- Remove Weblogic password from ATG dyn/admin.
    Remove the annoying weblogic password when you open dyn/admin
    (The steps are reversible, you can enable it again). FIX NOW !
  • HLP#003- Remove ATG dyn/admin password forever!
    Remove the ATG's dyn/admin password forever.
    (The steps are reversible, you can enable it again) FIX NOW !
  • HLP#004- Debug ATG Application on weblogic using eclipse
    Configure eclipse to debug your ATG application running on weblogic. FIX NOW !

    1. I am getting an issue while configuring cim.bat file in atg.
      Error "findstr is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file"

      1. First navigate to D:\ATG\ATG11.0\home\bin
        then start cim using: cim.bat
        [Please change your drive letter, wherever your ATG is installed]

    2. How can i undo all database configuration after configuring everything

      1. Start cim.bat and go back to the step of database configuration. You can setup and re-import the data in the same way.



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